work styles: private office

While collaborative spaces are providing a new dynamic for the office environment, there are still tasks that require the quiet solitude of a private office. Multi-functional desks, credenzas, L units and U units, all with layered capabilities, are scaled to perform in this role.

plan view
as shown

Materials as shown

Walnut Heights

Slate Gray


Materials as shown

Blonde Echo

Studio Teak


work style

price per user


Private Office

$ 12,835

1,395 square feet
186" x 90"

Private Office

$ 5,872

720 square feet
96" x 90"

Components as shown

SST3678UFINGO-CD (qty 1)

Fin worksurface

SS3036MMFEL (qty 1)

Executive height multi-file storage

SSB2430MOS (qty 1)

Bench height open shelf storage

SSB2436MSD (qty 1)

Bench height sliding door storage

SSB2418MBF (qty 1)

Bench height box/file storage

SSB2484MT (qty 1)

Modular top

SSK-TOPSPACER2 (qty 1) and SSK-BTD2-29 (qty 1)

Spacer to executive height and Leg to bench height

SS2430-60BBFWR (qty 1)

Tall storage wardrobe – right

SS1584HD (qty 1)

Overhead storage

SSK-OHS-A (qty 1) and SSK-OHS-D (qty 1)

Leg to overhead

SS2424T-17 (qty 1)

Square lounge table


Square lounge table

SS2448UBBOS (qty 1)

Upholstered bench with open shelf

SS2448UBB (qty1)

Upholstered bench

EC11 (qty 2)

Power/data unit

list price as shown

$ 12,087

price per user

$ 12,087


186" x 90"